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About The Most Influential Books

The world is full of thousands upon thousands of great and influential books. Our goal at TheMostInfluentialBooks.com is to seek out world leaders, CEO’s, celebrities, authors, and highly respected individuals to find out which books they have found most influential and thought provoking in their lives.


What is an Influential Book? Have you ever read a book that had a profound impact upon your life? Maybe it changed your perspective on the world or played a role in an important decision in your life. An influential book could lead you to start a company, change careers, take an exotic vacation, move across the country, or even leave the country!


In a day and age where access to books is at an all time high it is stunning to learn that adults and children are reading less and less. Due to the constant bombardment from media, constant access to the internet, and the popularization of video games there are exponentially increasing demands upon our attention. It’s admittedly tough to “find the time” to sit down, relax, and read a good book in our society (Our strategy can help you with this ūüėČ ). Just ask yourself these questions: Am I going to benefit more from 1 hour of TV a day or 1 hour of reading per day? What if I read 52 books next year on subjects that are of interest to me?

Can you read 52 books in one year? We think you can! Lets break it down and keep this simple:

Let’s say the average length of the books you read is 250 pages. That means you need to read an average of ¬†36 pages per day. How long does it take you to read a page in a book? At a minute per page that means you need to read about 36 minutes per day. Now let’s break this down further. What if you carried your weekly book with you everywhere you went – home, work, recreation, etc…even as far as the bathroom! While you’re eating breakfast you can relax and read a chapter. When you get stuck in traffic pull out your book and keep it mellow. When you’re waiting for that meeting to start, pull out your book and enhance your mental abilities. When you’re riding public transit read up on your favorite subject. When you’re about to go to sleep read for ten minutes and you’ll sleep better. It’s that simple, trust us!

The first time you read 52 books in one year you’re going to be amazed at the impact on your life. Try it and let us know how it goes, we want to hear about your experiences!

All the best,

John Luff & TheMostInfluentialBooks.com Team