John Roberts Influential Books | Stanford Professor & Author

Most Influential Books of John Roberts

Tweet Check out the most influential books in the life of Donald John Roberts: Stanford University’s John H. Schully Professor of Economics, Strategic Management, and International Business. John is also the Director of the Center for Global Business and the Economy, Codirector of the Executive Program in Strategy and Organization, and Faculty Director of the […]

Influential Books | Peter Bregman | Author, Consultant, CEO

Peter Bregman's Most Influential Books

Tweet Check out the most influential books in the life of Peter Bregman | Author, Consultant, and CEO of Bregman Enterprises, Inc: During the 2011 Ski Season at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Peter Bregman showed up at the Nordic Center for a cross country skiing session and talked books with John Luff of The Most […]

Influential Books of Harvard Professor & Outward Bound CEO

Outward Bound Past CEO Allen Grossman Most Influential Books

Tweet Allen Grossman – Harvard Professor of Business Administration and past President & CEO of Outward Bound shares his favorite and most influential books:   The Age of Discontinuity by Peter Drucker “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker  “Long recognised in business circles as a voice to listen to” […]

10 Most Influential Books of Philosopher & Author Tom Morris

Worlds Happiest Philosopher's Favorite Books

Tweet Check out the most influential books in the life of Tom Morris – Past Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, author of many great books, Chairman of the Morris Institute of Human Values, and the world’s happiest philosopher:   The Republic by Plato “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools […]

80/20 Principle Author Richard Koch’s Most Influential Books

80-20 Principle Author Richard Koch's Most Influential Books

Tweet Richard Koch – Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and author of several international bestselling books including The 80/20 Principle shares the books that have played the most influential role in his life. Question:  What book or books have you found most thought provoking and influential in your life? Richards Answer:  I find it hard to answer your […]